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Monday, August 29th!

Welcome to St. Mary’s Catholic School in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan!


St. Mary’s Catholic School is a pre-kindergarten through grade 8 school. We provide a high-quality Catholic Liberal Arts (Classical Education) Curriculum. 

What are the Catholic Liberal Arts?  Catholic Liberal Arts are founded on the 7 classical liberal arts and seeks the truth, goodness, and beauty in all creation. Through creation we can come to know God the Creator who is the very source of all Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

The term "liberal" when used in the classical sense comes from the latin word "liber" which means "one who is free" or "free man". It refers to freedom for intellectual pursuits rather than immediately practical, technical or professional studies. Perhaps ironically, liberal arts students are better prepared intellectually and ethically for the more practical studies and careers in STEM fields after a liberal education.

However, the one practical goal of the liberal arts is wisdom. A wise person orders things rightly and directs them well. The rule and order of all things are taken from their end / purpose. Because the end of each thing is its good, a thing is best situated when it is fittingly ordered to its end. As each person is ordered towards God, to know, love, serve Him, and be happy with Him forever, we seek to orient each student towards this most proper and noble end.

In accord with Catholic Liberal Arts tradition, we seek to produce wise students who develop into a “vir bonum, docendi peritus”; a good person, (who is) skilled in speaking.

There are seven classical liberal arts, and among those we focus on what in modern educational terms could be termed language arts and mathematical reasoning. The traditional three R's of reading, writing, and arithmetic encompass a substantial part of our educative work. We work on perfecting the skills and knowledge necessary to read, write and solve problems well.


Everything students learn is integrated with the Catholic faith and knowledge of God. We pray throughout the day and practice our faith throughout the week and school year. Jesus Christ is truly the reason and purpose for our school.

It is our commitment at St. Mary's Catholic School to teach and encourage the practice of the Catholic faith, centered in the person of Jesus Christ, with the values and traditions of the Catholic faith integrated throughout our school culture.

Thank you again for visiting our website; please call our school office to schedule a tour.

May God bless you,

Timothy Vail
St. Mary’s Catholic School
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