Tuition Assistance Policy


  • Each returning family must validate how they volunteered during the previous year to be eligible to receive tuition assistance. If the required hours were not met, tuition assistance will not be granted for the following school year. All hours must be completed by June 30 of the current school year.

  • Each Catholic family is to be actively involved in their parish; parish priests will validate this activity. If active involvement the previous year is not validated, tuition assistance will not be granted for the following school year.

  • Families qualifying for free (F) or reduced (R) school lunches, according to the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines, qualify for tuition assistance at SMCS. Families who do not fall under these guidelines but are in need of assistance due to extenuating circumstances (i.e., unexpected medical bills, loss of employment, etc.,) must be explained in writing and attached to the completed Tuition Assistance Procedure, and requested income documentation, no later than May 15th. If no justification is given in writing, the application will be immediately denied.

  • Current St. Mary’s Catholic School families, who wish to apply for tuition assistance for the following year, must submit the Tuition Assistance Application Form and a copy of Income Tax Return 1040 form and/or other income forms, no later than May 15.

  • Tuition Assistance Applications from new families are due by August 15.


  • All tuition assistance funds received by May 31 will be applied to the upcoming school year. Tuition Assistance funds received after this date will be held in a liability account until they can be applied to the following school year.

  • Tuition Assistance will be calculated via a Diocese of Marquette formula that uses specific demographic information including marital status, number of school-age children, the number of parents who work, and adjusted gross income.

  • Qualifying families for free lunch under Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines will pay $650.00 per school year, regardless of the scholarship calculation.

  • Families who qualify for reduced lunch under the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines will pay one-half of the total family tuition and will be given second consideration.

  • The tuition assistance process will be confidential to the school secretary, school administrator, and the tuition award committee o All tuition amounts may be paid in installments through FACTS.