Lunch Menu and Peanut-Free Info


When choosing a peanut-free snack for your child’s class, it is important to ALWAYS check the label on the package to make sure it is free of peanuts. This list is only to serve as a resource. It is no way complete and is subject to manufacturer recalls and mislabeling. Manufacturers may have changed their equipment or product line and method since this list was published.

Reading labels: Some manufacturers clearly state if a product has peanuts or nuts, while in others it is almost hidden. PLEASE READ THE LABELS, each time you purchase. Do not purchase items with the allergy and ingredient alert such as:

  • “May contain peanut or tree nuts”

  • “Processed on shared equipment with peanuts or tree nuts”

  • “Manufactured in a plant with peanut or tree nuts”

  • “Contains peanut or tree nut ingredients”

Thank you for taking the time to read the labels and discussing the topic of “safe snacks” with your child! Your diligence is keeping an allergic child safe at school.