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Every effort and precaution are taken by school personnel to prevent accidents and injuries.  However, there are situations where a child may be involved in an accident or be injured while at school. Any person who becomes ill, is injured, or involved in an accident must report his/her illness or injury to the teacher or the office.


St. Mary’s School is accredited by Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools (MANS).


2020-2021: we will continue to offer extended care with health and safety precautions in place; however, when in Phase 4 or lower, we will not. Our schools will follow LARA Regulations for extended care.

Students may not be on the school premises unattended after school hours.  St. Mary’s School provides a licensed after-school program from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Children must be registered and prepaid in order to participate in this program.  If not utilizing the St. Mary’s after-school program, parents must make arrangements for the care and supervision of their children.

Students who stay in the building after school for any school-related activity must be under the immediate supervision of a teacher or activity sponsor.  Teachers may keep students after school for disciplinary reasons or for making up work.  Students will be given permission to call home to notify their parents they will be staying after school.


St. Mary’s School is open to any child whose parents/guardians desire a Christian education for their child.  

Students will be admitted to St. Mary’s Catholic School according to the following criteria:

  1. January 1st-15th – Registration will be accepted for the upcoming school year starting with children of existing St. Mary’s Catholic School families, Preschool–8th Grade.

  2. January 16th -30th – Registration will be open to Catholic parishioners of The Diocese of Marquette, Preschool-8th Grade.

  3. February 1st – Registration will open to the public, Preschool-8th Grade.

A non-refundable fee for all students, Preschool–8th Grade will be required at the time of registration to reserve a spot.  The registration fee is $150.00 per student.   For families registering BEFORE April 1st, the registration fee will be discounted to $75.00 per student.

If classes become filled to capacity, any openings that occur will be filled from a waiting list.  The waiting list will be compiled on a first come, first served basis.

Registrations will not be taken after the first day of school except in the case of families new to the area or under certain considerations with consultation of the St. Mary’s Catholic School Council.  New students will not be admitted into Grade 8 except under special circumstances and in consultation with the school commission.

Birth certificate and immunization record must be provided to complete enrollment for ALL new students.

Preschool students must be four years old by September 1st.  If the class becomes filled to capacity, any openings that occur will be filled from a waiting list.  The waiting list will be compiled on a first come, first served basis

Kindergarten students must be five years old by September 1st of the year they intend to enter Kindergarten.  Exceptions are made for children whose birthdays fall on or before December 31st and show readiness, verified by a formal assessment and a preschool teacher recommendation.  Kindergarten entrance is based on the age policies as stated above, not upon completion of a preschool program.

Transfer students shall be admitted to a grade upon evidence of having satisfactorily completed previous grade levels.


St. Mary’s School in the Diocese of Marquette shall admit students of any race, color, sex, national, and/or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.  The Catholic schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national, and/or ethnic origin in administration of their educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic, and other school-administered programs.  The creed of any student shall not bar admission.  However, the parents and students should know and accept the unique Catholic religious philosophy of the school.


All boys and girls in the fourth grade and older are invited to become servers.  The students go through a short training period and are eligible to serve at the Sunday and weekday liturgies.  An assignment sheet is given out each month.


2020-2021: we are currently limiting visitors to the building.  It is recommended appointments are arranged in advance in order to take place virtually via phone or video chat.  Face-to-Face meetings may be permitted as necessary with face masks and social distancing.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school and discuss their child’s progress with the classroom teacher.  It is recommended appointments be made in advance by contacting the teacher and requesting such a meeting.  Please avoid coming to the school for a meeting without first arranging a date and time.


Assault and verbal harassment, including name-calling, threats, blocking doorways and hallways, pushing, fighting, and other actions that threaten or degrade an individual, are not allowed at
St. Mary’s School.

We have a sexual harassment policy in place.  You may contact the school office if you have any questions regarding this policy. See Appendix A, Community Relations, for civility guidelines.


2020-2021: Athletics will follow MI Safe Schools: Michigan’s 2020-21 Return to School Roadmap

  1. Jurisdiction – The school athletic program is the responsibility of the St. Mary’s School Council and should enhance the educational program.  Implementation of the athletic program may be delegated to a committee or other such group, but the responsibility remains with the council.

  2. Eligibility – Diocesan Policy #5130 will be adhered to, that is, academic eligibility to compete in athletics will be determined by the student’s effort and conduct in school. The student’s teachers and the school administrator will make such determination.  The coach must be informed.  Before suspending a student from athletics, there should be a conference with student, teachers, administrators, and parents. Suspension should be a last resort as participation in athletics is often the only outlet for a student who is experiencing difficulty in school.

  3. Supervision – All practices and competition shall always have proper adult supervision.

  4. Time – All competition and practice sessions shall be confined to periods outside of school hours.  All practices shall end by 8:30 p.m. and the gym vacated by 9:00 p.m.

  5. Competition Limitations – No student shall compete on more than one interscholastic team per season.  Should extenuating circumstances arise, approval of the principal is required.

  6. Game – A game is defined as a competitive play between two teams of different schools during which score and time are kept.  A scrimmage is defined as play during which neither score nor time is kept and coaches may interrupt to give coaching advice.

  7. Coaches – Coaches provide a worthy service to the school.  They must remember they play a large part in the development of students under their care.  They must conduct themselves as Christian persons at all times.  They shall cooperate with the school’s educational program.  Any imprudence on their part shall be subject to disciplinary action by the school council.

  8. Playing Time – Playing time will be given to all members of the team at all games.  Students from higher grade levels may be given more playing time.

  9. Parental Permission – Every child participating in after-school sports activities must have a parent permission form returned to the office.

  10. Physician’s Consent – As per diocesan policy, students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th, will need to submit a physician’s statement indicating the student is able to compete in athletic contests.

  11. Selection – All students from the grade will be allowed to participate in the sport.  If more students are needed to have a viable team, students from lower grade levels will be allowed to participate.  In the case too many students from the lower grade are interested in participating, students will be chosen by a draw of luck.


See Attendance Policy – APPENDIX I


Students are required to park their bicycles in the bicycle rack immediately upon arrival at school.  Bicycles may be removed from the bicycle rack only when the student is prepared to go home in the afternoon.  The school does not assume responsibility for bicycles that are stolen; therefore, all students are urged to use a bicycle lock to avoid the possibility of theft of their bicycle. Children riding bicycles to school must leave promptly after dismissal.  All bicycles are to be locked in the bicycle rack during the day.  Students riding bicycles must walk their bikes to the street.  There is to be no riding of bicycles in the schoolyard or playground.  Students must ride their bicycles in a responsible manner or they will be forbidden to ride their bikes to school.


Each student must assume responsibility in caring for his/her books.  Students will be assigned books by number.   With proper care books should last at least seven years.  If a book is damaged or lost, payment is subject to its value and must be made before final report cards are issued.


It is very important, for emergency and administrative reasons, that every student maintains an up-to-date address record at the school office.  Notify the school immediately if you have a change of address or work number during the school year.


These rules are enforced in all classrooms:

  1. Use a pleasant voice.

  2. Use acceptable language.

  3. Walk at all times.

  4. Keep your hands to yourself.

  5. Keep all four legs of the chair on the floor.

  6. Respect personal property.

  7. Respect rights and feelings of others.

  8. Respect and obey all supervisors.

  9. Always wear shoes.

  10. Bring in only articles related to school.

  11. School property is to be removed only with proper authorization.

  12. Place litter in wastebaskets.

  13. Learn and follow fire, lockdown, and tornado drill procedures.

  14. Leave room only with permission from a supervisor.


A closed campus means that once a student has arrived at school (being on school grounds), he/she may leave the school grounds only due to illness, a doctor/dental appointment, or an emergency. 2020-2021: When a student is needed to depart early from school due to parent request, parent will call the school office upon arrival, the office will note the time of the phone call, and the student will then be released to parent on the south side (Armory Place) of the building.

A closed campus means that once a student has arrived at school (being on school grounds), he/she may leave the school grounds only due to illness, a doctor/dental appointment, or an emergency. For safety measures, if a student leaves school for any of these reasons, his/her parent/guardian must physically enter the building and sign-out their child in the office. 

Older students may act as ISD/Parish runners (with signed parental permission form).  Students are expected to directly come and go from the ISD/Parish without deviation.


The support, interest, concerns, and cooperation of parents is essential in providing a positive learning experience for students at St. Mary’s School.  In order that we may keep you apprised of your child’s progress, the school program, and upcoming events, the following means of communication are utilized:

  • The Student/Parent Handbook;

  • Weekly Monday Folder (choice of hard copy or electronic copy)*;

  • Academic and/or behavior progress reports issued midway between marking periods;

  • Parent-teacher conferences held in the fall and by appointment in the spring;

  • Report cards issued four times a year.

*Weekly school information will be emailed every Monday to all families. These Monday emails contain important information about the school.  It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to read the material to keep apprised of school updates.


Parent-teacher conferences are held for all parents at the end of first marking period.  Participation in these fall conferences is expected of all our parents.  Conferences will be held at the end of the third marking period upon request by the parent or teacher.  Parents are welcome to make an appointment with teachers regarding a child’s progress any time during the school year.  Conferences may be held virtually in 2020-2021.

If your child is having a problem, you must first meet with the teacher.  The next step is the principal. ONLY after these steps have been taken and you are still not satisfied is the problem to be brought to the pastor and/or school council.

If you have an inquiry regarding the content of the final report card, you may address your questions to your child’s teacher through June 15.  After this day the school cannot guarantee the availability of teachers to answer your questions.


Corporal punishment is not to be employed by school officials.

Student Restraint

School personnel, within the scope of their responsibilities, have the duty to protect students from harming themselves and others.  They may use reasonable physical restraint as may be necessary to:

  1. Protect himself/herself, the pupil, or others from immediate physical injury;

  2. Obtain possession of a weapon or other dangerous objects upon or within the control of the pupil;

  3. Protect property from physical damage.




St. Mary’s School follows curriculum guidelines provided by the Diocese of Marquette Office of Education.

The following subjects are part of our program:

Religion Spanish 7-8
Language Arts            Physical Education
Math Music
Science Arts
Social Studies Technology Education
Latin 3-8

Seventh and eighth grade students may participate in Sault Area Middle School first hour elective classes as long as parents/guardians provide transportation to and from the middle school.  Bus transportation by Sault schools is no longer offered.                                                          


See Discipline policy – APPENDIX B


See Dress Code policy – APPENDIX D


See Traffic Policy – APPENDIX C


St. Mary’s School is in compliance with civil rights laws for employment and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, or handicaps unrelated to the ability to perform the duties of the position.


Students are advised not to bring their personal electronic device to school.  This includes cellphones, tablets, Gizmo Pals, and other similar devices. 

In the event a student disregards this advice, all devices must be checked into the school office each morning and may be recovered at the dismissal of school that day.   St. Mary’s Catholic School does not accept responsibility for the care and/or safe return of the devices to the student.  Please Note:  Personal electronic device/cell phone may be confiscated if a student fails to check them into the office.  Should this occur, a parent/guardian will need to stop in the office in order for the device to be returned.


In accordance with Michigan State Law, fire drills must be held five times during the year and tornado drills two times during the year.  Students are instructed where to exit.  Definite places are assigned to each class.  They leave the classroom in silence and proceed in silence to the designated places. In addition, three lockdown emergency drills are conducted yearly. (Emergency Drills may be different due to COVID-19).


St. Mary’s Catholic School’s operating budget depends heavily on the income produced by fundraisers.  All families are expected to participate in making the $10,000 Jackpot Raffle Fundraiser a success.  Therefore, every family, Preschool-Grade 8, is committed to selling a minimum of 25 Jackpot Raffle tickets or pay $500.00 to the school.  Tickets are $20.00 each.

SCRIP is a fundraising tool, which also helps our school off-set the rising cost of education.  SCRIP may be purchased by individual families, friends, and relatives.  Every family is encouraged to purchase scrip since any profit gained will produce a 50/50 split between the school and the family’s tuition commitment for the following academic year.


When a half-day of school is scheduled, dismissal is at 11:00 a.m.  Hot Lunch is not served on half-days.


Students are to walk and keep to the right in the hallways and on the stairs.  They shall not block hallway traffic by standing in groups.  There is to be no shouting, excessive noise, pushing, or shoving in the hallways.  For safety reasons, students must take the steps one at a time when using the stairs.


See Harassment of Staff Policy – APPENDIX E


2020-2021: We will not have students resting, sleeping, not feeling well in the office this year.  If your child comes to the office indicating he/she is not feeling well, you will be called to pick up your child.

Generally, students well enough to attend school are well enough to participate in all classes and recess play.  Students with colds or fevers should not be in school.  A note from a parent must be presented to the teacher if a student is to remain indoors or must be excused from full participation of the activities of the day. Note: this is not to be ongoing or excessive; the office does not have staff to supervise students during recess.

Students should not attend school if there is any question of illness (e.g., a fever of 100 degrees or higher – even if controlled with medication; green, runny nose; diarrhea; vomiting).   Students must have a 24-hour period free from fever, diarrhea, or vomiting before the child may return to school.



The Honor Roll is posted for students in Grades 4-8.  Criteria for Honor Roll:

  • First Honors – Students must achieve all As in academic subjects* and Learning Behavior marks must only be 4s and 3s.

  • Second Honors – Students must achieve As and Bs in all academic subjects* and Learning Behavior marks must only be 4s and 3s.

*  Academic subjects are:  Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.


2020-2021: While under Phase 5 or Phase 4, students will not receive homework due to daily restrictions in the classroom.  Family homework: go outside and play, play a boardgame together, read.  However, please note, all students will be given time in class to complete assignments.  Work not completed in class will be sent home for completion and must be returned the next day.

We believe that every child should spend some time studying or reading at home on a daily basis.  Homework guidelines are as follows:

Kindergarten – Read, read, read to your child – nursery rhymes, poems, rhyming books, fables, the Bible, GOOD LITERATURE;

Grades 1-3 – Students should spend 20 to 30 minutes per day reviewing spelling, math facts (leading to memorization), reading to/with your child, and occasional projects;

Grades 4-6 – Students should spend 40 to 60 minutes per day reviewing spelling, math facts (for continued memorization), reading (independently or to/with your child), and occasional projects;

Grades 7-8 – Students may be assigned up to 1 ½ hours of outside work.

All students are given time in class to complete assignments.  Work not completed in class will be sent home for completion and must be returned the next day.


Holy Days are special in the Catholic Church.  Mass will usually be attended by all classes. 


In case of inclement weather, St. Mary’s Catholic School will concur with the decisions made by the Sault Area Public School authorities in regard to school closings.  Families will be notified by OptionC. 


See Lice policy – APPENDIX F


2020-2021: Library usage will be adjusted according to COVID-19 restrictions. A weekly library period is assigned for Grades K-5.  All students, including middle school students, may go to the library at other times with a pass from their teacher if he/she has demonstrated proper use of the library. Books and magazines may be checked out as follows: 

  • Preschool and Kindergarten – One book for one week;

  • Grade 1 –  Two books for one week;

  • Grades 2-8 – Two books for two weeks.

Preschool library books are kept in the preschool classroom for students to enjoy during class time. Kindergarten – Grade 8 students may take their library books home for the duration of their check out period. If necessary, books and magazines may be renewed for an additional week provided that no one else has requested them. Fines will be charged for damaged or lost books. The fine will be the replacement cost of the book. All fines must be paid or books returned before final report cards will be issued.


All Catholic families are expected to fulfill their Sunday Mass obligation.  We must not confuse the children by teaching the doctrine yet not requiring fulfillment of it.

2020-2021: The Diocese of Marquette has defined a specific plan for parishes that allows for the celebration of Mass under very specific conditions. DOM schools will be asked to follow this plan, in close coordination with the local pastor and parish, in determining how/whether Masses may be celebrated.

On Thursdays, students participate in the liturgy.  Parents and members of the parish are invited to attend this liturgy.

During the celebration of Holy Mass and prayer, students are expected to be reverent and participate as much as possible in the service.  Good posture is encouraged.  Reverencing the Altar and Tabernacle, folding hands going and returning from Communion, and folding hands for Communion is encouraged. 


A lost and found area is located near the gymnasium.  Lost and found articles will be kept for a month and then will be given to the needy or discarded.  Students losing or misplacing items should report such loss to the office.  Students finding items are requested to bring them to the office.  Efforts will be made to facilitate the return of lost and found items to the rightful owner.


St. Mary’s School participates in the Sault Ste. Marie public schools’ hot lunch program.  Lunch is delivered to our school every day and served by qualified personnel.  The menu is published biannually, and payments are made in advance to the office.  All deposits should be sent in a sealed envelope written with the family’s name and the amount of money enclosed.  Families who qualify for free and reduced lunch must fill out the appropriate documents and return them to the school office.

2020-2021 During Phase 5 students eat the noon meal in the cafeteria with Phase 5 safety restrictions in place; during Phase 4, students will eat the noon meal in their classrooms.  Students will walk in the cafeteria at all times and use a conversational voice.  Proper manners are expected, and each student is to leave the table clean when he/she is finished eating.  2020-2021: Use of the microwave is prohibited for students in all grades.


Medication should be administered to students by a parent or guardian at home.  In exceptional circumstances school personnel, under appropriate procedures developed and supervised by the principal, may administer medication.  Such procedures will include the following:

  1. A parent or guardian will request and authorize in writing that the principal designates a school staff to administer medicines to pupils. This written request must specify the dosage to be given and the time of administration.

  2. Medicines authorized by a parent or guardian will be kept in the office.  The label on the container must be the original pharmacy issued label and shall include the name and telephone number of the pharmacy, the pupil’s identification, name of the physician, name of the drug, and dosage.

  3. An accurate and confidential system of record-keeping will be established for each pupil receiving medication at school.

  4. Under no circumstances are children to have medication of any kind in their locker, desk, or on their person during school hours.  In certain cases, a student might be given permission to carry an inhaler.  This option must be discussed with the principal and written parental permission must be on file at the office.


Students are requested to bring money and valuables to school only if necessary.  The school cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen money or valuables.  If it is necessary to have them, the owner is to leave them in the office for safekeeping.


Movies shall be used for curriculum enhancement and/or on a special occasion for entertainment.  The teacher or a committee must preview movies.  Only G and PG rated movies approved by the principal, shall be considered for student viewing.


Students in Grade 7/8 at St. Mary’s Catholic School (SMCS) who are at the level of Algebra I, based on SMCS placement testing, will be eligible to participate in an online course in the classroom.  SMCS’s classroom teacher facilitates the course but does not teach it; grading and reporting results are issued directly from the online school.  This online course, with a passing grade, is sufficient and acceptable to allow the student to forgo the local high school’s “test-out” requirement for Algebra I.

If a fee is incurred, St. Mary’s Catholic School will cover the cost of the online course for eligible students who, based on SMCS placement testing, have been placed in Algebra I. 

If a student does not place in Algebra I, but a parent/guardian(s) requests their child to participate, the family will be responsible for any costs associated with the course(s).  Any additional online course work and associated costs beyond Algebra I will be the responsibility of the family and said course(s) will be completed as independent study by the student.


Parents need to keep the school informed as to their current:

  1. Address;

  2. Telephone number;

  3. Place of employment and telephone number;

  4. Doctor’s name;

  5. Friends, neighbors, or relatives who can be reached when you are away;

  6. List of persons authorized to pick up their child & written permission for a child to walk home.

Instruct your child as to where to go or what to do if he/she arrives home and finds no one there.  This is especially important in case school should be dismissed early due to inclement weather or for some other essential reason.

Call the school office by 9:00 a.m. of the morning your child will be out of school.

Send a note when:

  1. Your child has been absent;

  2. Your child has a dental/doctor appointment;

  3. You are giving permission to stay for an activity;

  4. Any situation exists that may cause anxiety for your child or a change in his/her normal routine as it relates to school.

For your child’s comfort and health, help him to leave home dressed for the weather and its probable changes.  There is space available for extra pants, sweaters, mittens, and boots if needed.  Labeling garments and other possessions with the child’s name is not only helpful but avoids an item being lost unnecessarily.


2020-2021: SMCS will minimize the number of volunteers this year in an effort to mitigate risk.  The 30-service hour per family requirement is removed for 2020-2021; however, we will need volunteers to help with outdoor recess.

St. Mary’s Catholic School considers parent involvement/service as a very special resource. Parental support and involvement/service are essential for St. Mary’s Catholic School to continue to provide quality programs and unique opportunities for our children.  Studies have shown parental involvement/service to be directly related to student academic performance, enhanced self-esteem, improved behavior, and attendance. One of the most important things we can do for our children is to allow them to see parents and teachers working together. 

Parental involvement/service is also essential for keeping tuition costs as low as possible as well as creating the family atmosphere which is so important to the school mission.  At St. Mary’s Catholic School, each family is required to give a minimum of 30 hours annually of involvement/service.  Failure to fulfill this commitment may prevent the student from returning to St. Mary’s Catholic School the following school year.  Parents MUST contact the principal if extenuating circumstances prevent them from fulfilling this commitment.

Families who do not complete their involvement/service hours will be charged $20/hour for every hour not fulfilled, to be paid in full prior to June 30, the closing of the academic fiscal year.

It is the responsibility of the parents to record their own involvement/service hours using the recording method available.  Involvement/service hours can be earned by parents or relatives 18 years of age or older.

All individuals completing involvement/service hours in our school will need to complete the VIRTUS training ~ “Protecting God’s Children”.  A background check and DHS central registry clearance report will be required to be on file as well prior to starting involvement/service hours.

Please see: Mandatory Parent Involvement/Service Hour Policy


All students are required to take Physical Education.  Students will not be excused unless they have a doctor’s note.


Students are expected to use playground equipment in a safe manner that will not cause injury to themselves or other students and will not cause damage to the equipment.  Students are always expected to follow all rules and respect the authority of the playground supervisors (parents and/or teachers).  Students are expected to show consideration and respect for the rights and possessions of other students so that recess is a happy experience for every child.  Students are encouraged to report problems to the supervising personnel when the students themselves cannot find a peaceful solution.

Since we are a Catholic school we expect students to play in a Christ-like manner.  It may be necessary to contact parents if a child is involved in a serious playground problem or continues to be uncooperative during the recess period.

Please refer to:  Playground volunteer guidelines and playground rules – APPENDIX G


All entities of the Catholic Church are for the purpose of furthering the saving mission of Jesus Christ and must operate in accord with the truth revealed by God in both natural law and divine revelation.  In particular, our Catholic schools must remain in the fullness of the truth in order to carry out their proper mission:

Since true education must strive for complete formation of the human person that looks to his or her final end as well as to the common good of societies, children and youth are to be nurtured in such a way that they are able to develop their physical, moral, and intellectual talents harmoniously, acquire a more perfect sense of responsibility and right use of freedom, and are formed to participate actively in social life. (Code of Canon Law, c. 795).

These truths extend into every facet of our lives, including-and perhaps especially -our sexuality.

If a student’s expression of gender, sexual identity or sexuality should cause confusion or disruption at the Catholic school, if it should mislead others, cause scandal or have the potential for causing scandal, then the matter will be discussed with the student and his/her parents.  If not resolved to the satisfaction of the School, which is seeking to uphold Catholic principles, then the student will be expelled from the Catholic School after the parents are first given the option to immediately withdraw the student from the School.

In order to maintain appearance and proper comportment throughout the school day and at school events, all students, staff, and faculty must follow the dress code expectations of their biological sex while on campus and while representing the school at outside functions. Modesty is a must by all parties when using changing facilities, locker rooms, showers, and restrooms and may only use facilities that conform to the individual’s biological sex.  


Prayer is an integral part of our school and school day. Through our PA system the entire school joins in prayer and Gospel reflection at the beginning, middle, and end of the school day. Within the classroom, prayer is offered every day before lunch and throughout the day under teacher guidance. Once a week, the school celebrates the Liturgy.


The principal is the chief executive officer and is responsible for the total operation of the school, Preschool-Grade 8.  He/she reports directly to the pastor, Diocesan Office of Catholic Education and consults with the St. Mary’s Catholic School Council in the creation of policy.

The school council is responsible for creation of school policy.  The principal is responsible for the enforcement of these policies.


The parents of a student considered for retention in any grade will be notified and a conference held between the teacher, principal, and parents before the end of the third marking period unless last minute circumstances make it impossible.  Retention or promotion of a child who is marginal is such a delicate matter that it must be handled carefully and with much preparation.  No two children react in the same way and the individual’s self concept, family support, and future goals must be taken into account.


Public complaints concerning programs, individual employees, or volunteers will not be accepted by the St. Mary’s Catholic School Council without specific documentation and should be presented to the council at a closed session.  Complaints from individuals concerning instruction, discipline, or learning materials are to be directed to the appropriate level as specified in Policy 1321 CS/Re from the Diocese of Marquette Educational Policy Manual.


2020-2021: SMCS will conduct recess, but defined safety requirements will be in place. For example, cohorts must be spread out from one another. If recess is outdoors, masks may be removed, but students will stay at least six feet apart.  Students are not to share balls or other playground equipment.

Noon recess is 20 minutes in duration.  This recess is supervised by a teacher and at least one volunteer.  Students have recess outdoors, weather permitting.  Students are to remain outdoors unless they have permission to re-enter the building for an emergency.  If the temperature/wind chill is below zero, the Weather Bureau advises not to send the children out.  Indoor recess is held in the classrooms.  If the temperature is above zero, the children should be able to go out if dressed properly.


Report cards will be distributed four times during the school year, every nine weeks.  Progress reports will be sent midterm.  Assessments for preschool will be distributed three times during the school year.


In the restrooms, students are to be quiet and orderly, and are not to sit on the sinks, stand on toilets, etc.  Students are not to congregate in the restrooms.


First Reconciliation, First Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation celebrations are under the jurisdiction of the pastor and religious education director of each parish.


Students are not permitted to sell any items in school except as a member of an approved school group.  Sales by school-sponsored groups are permitted only when given prior permission by the principal.


School Hours      8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.                                  

Preschool Hours 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Office Hours 7:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.                                     

For safety reasons, there is to be NO playing on the Maple Street or Armory side of the school building before, after, or during school hours.

Start of Day 

School doors open at 7:45 a.m. Prior to this time the school building is locked.  The school day begins at 8:00 a.m.  Students who arrive after 8:00 a.m. are considered tardy.  For safety reasons, after 8:00 a.m. parents/guardians must park their vehicle in the parking lot, walk the child/children into the building and sign him/her/them in. There is a student sign-in/sign-out book located in the outer office. 

End of Day

Classes are dismissed at 3:00 p.m. Students must be picked up immediately after school unless registered in an after-school activity or the St. Mary’s After-School Program.  Preschool and Kindergarten students, their siblings, and students who carpool with families of preschool and Kindergarten students (ONLY) are dismissed by the Armory Place doors. All other students must wait for their rides on the Maple Street side.  Students who are not picked up by 3:10 p.m. are asked, for their own protection, to wait in the office; however, this should be a rare occurrence. 

Morning Drop-off and End of Day Pick-up 2020-2021

Families with last names beginning with A-M to drop-off AND pick- up students on the south side (Armory Place) of the building; families with last names beginning with N-Z will drop-off AND pick-up on the north side (Maple Street).  Arrival and Dismissal will take place as drop-off and pick-up meaning, parents will not walk students into the building.  Parents will be asked not to congregate near school doors.  At least one school personnel will be present at each entrance during morning drop-off, while teachers will be with students during dismissal.


A student supports his/her school by keeping their scholastic and extracurricular standards at the highest possible level.  School spirit can be expressed in the following ways:

  • Courtesy toward teachers, fellow students, and the officials of interscholastic athletic activities;

  • Pride in everything our school endeavors to accomplish;

  • Sportsmanship in the ability to win and come in second place gracefully.


Special needs might be suspected through parent observation or through teacher observation of a student’s classroom performance.  Summative as well as formative assessment such as MAPS testing may be used to assist in identifying an area of need and to recommend further testing by the public school district.  Federal law provides for the testing of children who seem to have a learning disability or a special need.  Parents and teachers should have a conference to determine if formal testing is recommended.  The intermediate school district will provide this assessment.  Parents should speak with the principal to begin this process in the most efficient manner.

Once a student is identified as having special needs, a decision is made between parents and school staff to determine if the school can provide accommodations for his or her needs.  St. Mary’s School does not have the economic capabilities to offer a special education resource room, however we work cooperatively with the intermediate school district to offer ancillary services on our premises such as speech and occupational therapy.

504 accommodation plans will be written for students in need of accommodations and kept is the student’s permanent file.


See Discipline Policy – Appendix B


St. Mary’s Catholic School currently has 20 computers in its computer lab and at least one computer in every classroom.  Most computers have access to the internet. The Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District is our internet provider. Security and internet filtering are provided by them through a product called iBoss.  

2020-2021: Students in Kindergarten through grade 2 will have issued tablets; 3rd – 8th grade students will be issued Chromebooks. The use of technology in St. Mary’s Catholic School is a privilege extended to students, faculty, and community members to enhance learning and exchange information.  When using St. Mary’s School’s technology, the user must realize that he/she is representing the Catholic community and must therefore uphold Christian, ethical, and legal requirements.  St. Mary’s Catholic School has created an “Electronic Information Access and Use Contract” which all users must sign at the beginning of every school year.  This contract reflects the conditions listed below.

Acceptable Use

The use of the computer/internet/and related technologies must be in support of education, research, and be consistent with the education objectives of St. Mary’s Catholic School.  Use of other organization’s network or computing resources must comply with the rules appropriate for these networks.  Users of electronic related technologies must uphold the general rules of conduct consistent with St. Mary’s Catholic School philosophy.

Unacceptable Use

It is important that users of electronic technologies in our school represent our initiatives in the utmost fashion with ethical, Christian responsibility.  The intention of this regulation precludes, but is not limited to, the following unacceptable uses:

  1. May not damage or mistreat equipment or facilities under any circumstances.

  2. May not intentionally waste computer resources.

  3. May not transmit any material in violation of any United States or State of Michigan regulation.

  4. May not employ the network for personal financial gain or commercial purposes.

  5. May not violate regulations prescribed by the network provider.

  6. May not engage in practices that threaten the integrity of the network (e.g., knowingly downloading files that contain a virus).

  7. May not engage in personal business that is not related to the mission of St. Mary’s Catholic School or the performance of their job.

  8. May not write, use, send, download, or display obscene, threatening, harassing, or otherwise offensive messages or pictures, including pornography.

  9. May not use the equipment or network for illegal activities.

  10. May not load or copy any software or other programs to or from organizational equipment unless permission is explicitly granted by the principal.

  11. May not use anyone else’s password, nor may they share their password with others.  However, a confidential master list of passwords should be on file with the school’s computer coordinator.

  12. May not trespass into anyone else’s folder, documents, or files.

  13. May not disclose anyone else’s personal information (e.g., address, phone number, or confidential information), including and specially that belonging to students, community members and families, or fellow employees.

  14. May not use for unauthorized game playing, unauthorized “chat”, or chain letters.

  15. May not use for acts of vandalism against persons or resources including the uploading of viruses.

  16. May not use another person’s computer file, access accounts, and/or files without proper authorization.

All users must read, understand, sign, and abide by the Catholic school’s “Electronic Information Access and Use Contract”.  Access privileges may be revoked, school disciplinary action may be taken, and/or appropriate legal action taken for any violations that are unethical.  Violations may also constitute a criminal offense.     


Each spring students in Grades 5 and 7 take a diocesan directed national achievement test (IOWA Basic).   MAPS testing is administered two-three times a year (fall, winter, and spring) in Grades K-8 to assess students’ progress in math and reading.


See Tuition Assistance Policy – APPENDIX L


See Tuition Collection Policy – APPENDIX H


2020-2021: Entrance to the building will be restricted to school personnel and students only, with the following allowances: family members or other non-personnel adults are not allowed in the school building except under extenuating circumstances determined by the school principal.  All non-school personnel adults entering the building must be screened for symptoms using a monitoring form, wear a facial covering, and wash/sanitize hands at entrance.  Strict records, including date and time, will be kept of all non-school personnel entering the building.

For safety reasons, all persons – visitors, parents/guardians, students, etc. – must ring the buzzer to be allowed entrance into the building. Upon entering the school, visitors and parents/guardians are to report to the school office and request a visitor’s pass.  At that time, visitors and parents/guardians will either be given a temporary key to access interior doors or be let into the hallway under the direction of office staff.  Students, parents/guardians, visitors, or staff may not open interior or exterior locked doors for others. This is to maintain security and safety within the school.   

Students should always show friendliness and courtesy to visitors in the school.  Students should offer to be of assistance whenever a visitor is in the school.  Students should courteously respond to a visitor who enters the classroom.

Students wishing to have a guest must obtain permission in advance.  A teacher has the right to refuse admittance to any student or adult guest.  Parents who wish to visit a classroom are asked to arrange such visits in advance through the teacher.