Painless Fundraising

Some programs contribute money to our school while you’re buying things you were already planning to buy.  Here is a list of some painless ways you can help our school raise funds.

Box Tops for Education

Located on specific brands that you are probably using every day.   Get the app on your mobile device and scan receipts!


Almost everyone has purchased something through Amazon.  Instead of directly going to the Amazon Website, go here first: .  Search for St. Mary’s School and choose it as your charity to donate to. A percentage of qualifying purchases get sent to St Mary’s. Tell your family and friends too. Anyone can use the site.

Target Take Charge for Education

Even though we don’t have a Target, if you shop at Target and have a RED card, make sure it’s linked to St. Mary’s School. 

French Toast

Order your uniforms from and the school will get a percentage back.  Use code:  QS455KK. 

RaiseRight (formerly SCRIP)

We have scrip cards to many stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc : Target, Amazon, Land’s End as well as many others etc.  Why not double dip?   Our school will not only get the $ from the scrip card but also from your participation in the programs. You can also download the app or go to For more information on RaiseRight, click here. School code: B6B8L4DC4326

Jackpot Raffle