Parent Volunteer Opportunities


Here are some opportunities to earn Volunteer Service Hours throughout the year.  If you would like to sign up for these, and didn’t sign up at the Back to School BBQ, it’s never too late (unless the event has passed).  Check the News Feed, Events Calendar, and Monday folder for upcoming events.

Another great resource to find opportunities that arise during the year is the “St. Mary’s Home and School Association (HASA)” Facebook group.  This is a closed group for HASA communication, separate from the school’s public FB page, where behind the scenes event planning is discussed, and sign ups and last-minute requests for volunteers are posted.  To protect privacy, only St. Mary’s Home and School Association members are accepted into this group.

Families who do not complete their involvement/service hours will be charged $20/hour for every hour not fulfilled, to be paid in full prior to June 30, the closing of the academic fiscal year.

Volunteer opportunities not only enhance our school environment and community, the time you volunteer can be used toward your family’s required service hours.