Monday News

Hello St. Mary's parents,

  • I'm pleased to announce we have hired a new Music teacher, who is also a former St. Mary's alumna, Randi Bumstead!  Ms. Randi (using her first name to avoid confusion with Mrs. Bumstead, our 5th grade teacher) will be starting this week and working alongside Mrs. Sawruk to teach Music for the remainder of the year.  Please warmly welcome her to our faculty!
  • Today is the second day in Catholic Schools Week.  Yesterday we celebrated our faith and our students' greeted parishioners, served, lectured, and did intercessory prayer at St. Mary's for Sunday Mass.  Thank you to the parents who joined us and brought your students, and for the students who served.
  • Today we celebrated our community, and delivered gift baskets to community members who support the school, directly or indirectly.  Cloverland Electric and Border Patrol also came to do a demo of their work and to talk about their careers in the community.  A big thank you to Mr. Kiekhaefer and Mr. Burnis for coordinating that and coming in for the demonstration.  The students really enjoy those events.
  • Tomorrow we will be celebrating our students with tubing at Brady Park.  Another big thank you to Mr. Stackpoole from Cup of the Day, who is generously providing Coffee & Hot Cocoa. Students will meet at the hill.  A notice that there are no bathrooms out there, so students should use the restroom beforehand.  Parents: Remember to pack your student's own sleds, and make sure they have snowpants and gloves.
  • Tomorrow is also a color day, and so along with Pajama Day on Friday, students may wear casual but modest clothing as an option.
  • Wednesday we will be having an in-school wax museum, where the students imitate animatronics, like at Disney world.  You may contact your teacher if you wish to visit your child perform, and your teacher will determine the feasibility of a quick visit.
  • On Thursday students will explore and celebrate vocations, with a Q&A session with those at our school living out a religious vocation after Mass, including Fr. Al, Fr. Brad, Fr. Romeo and Sister Peggy.
  • Friday, we celebrate our faculty, with Pajama Day / Optional Color Day, lunch for staff, and then movies and popcorn.
  • Saturday officially concludes the week with Celebrating families and consists of prayer and quality family time together.
  • Next week, Friday, Feb. 10 we have a half day and 11am dismissal.

May God bless you this week and may it be a memorable and blessed Catholic Schools Week!

In Christ,
Tim Vail