Monday Letter

Hello St. Mary's Parents,

I was downstate these past two days but wanted to send the weekly letter.  

  • Last week we had a productive Council meeting and will be assigning heads of committees soon.  We hope to have all committees fully staffed and relaunched within the next couple of months.  Currently only the Executive and Finance committee is active, all others are without members or on standby.  Committees are a great way to serve the school and contribute to fulfilling its mission.   The committees are as follows: Catholic Identity, Executive, Finance, Marketing/Development, and Facilities.  If any of those committees may interest you or you'd like to know more, please contact me directly.
  • Conferences last week went well and was our first in person conference for several years.  By all accounts it was good to meet in person to discuss what's going on with students in the classroom and their learning progress.
  • This Friday 11/18 we will have a movie evening starting at 6:30pm.  From Jackie Newhouse, HASA President: "It's a snack potluck so bring snacks to share and either chairs or kids can bring pillows/blankets to snuggle with and a drink of choice. The water fountain will be available if anyone forgets a drink for themselves."  Please see the flyer for more info.
  • In accord with the Bishop and his recent letter about what we can do to cultivate a civilization that respects life from conception, we would encourage donations for the CareNet Christmas Market.  CareNet is a crisis pregnancy center that provides pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, option consultations, pregnancy and parenting help, referrals and more.  Please see the attached flyer for more information.
  • Tomorrow morning is Mass at St. Mary's church, at 8:15am.  Parents and family members are welcome to attend these weekly Masses if they can.  

May God bless you this week and always,
in Christ,
Tim Vail