Monday Letter

Hello St. Mary's Catholic school parents,

Last week we had multiple fundraisers for the school, all of which helped the school financially, which in turn allows us to cover expenses for necessary operations, including your child's education.  Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, talent and treasure this last week or weekend for the purpose of our school.  May God bless your generosity.  

While school was out Friday, the teachers were in the office talking about our mission as a Catholic school and ways to improve our school and the education we provide.  We are truly blessed to have such excellent teachers at St. Mary's.

As the weather becomes wintry, please prepare warm clothing to send with your student(s).  

For All Saints, note that dressing up as a Saint is optional, and the 7/8th graders typically would not dress up, but had the option to if they so desired.  However, all students will research a Saint in class, so as to better understand through a concrete example, how Christian and heroic virtue is exemplified.  

The first marking period is a little more than 2 weeks away on Friday November 4th.  Parent / Teacher conferences will be on Nov 10th and 11th.  There will be the option for both in person and phone-in meetings.

This week the HASA meeting will be rescheduled due to a schedule overlap.  The new date and time will be shortly forthcoming.

Moreover, next week there was a Fall Carnival scheduled on Friday, but since there are multiple events happening around town, including a Trunk or Treat at St. Joseph's, it was decided to just have the Color and Popcorn day on that date.

May God give you abundant graces,
In Christ,
Tim Vail