Monday Letter

Dear St. Mary's Catholic School families,

Pictures will be taken on Wednesday, September 28.  PLEASE be sure to get your child's photo taken!!! This will also be a FREE Color Day.  For those of you that are new, Color Day is a day that uniforms are not required and you normally pay a small amount like $.25 to participate. In lieu of wearing uniforms your child would wear something that is comparable to uniform attire which is appropriate and tasteful.  (No ripped jeans or anything distracting.)

***All orders will be taken after picture day. Students will receive a proof order form and be able to order online***

For the yearbook, any photos that you have taken may be shared with OR

Tips for looking great for school photos:

• Practice those smiles - working with your child in front of a mirror can help us capture a photo you'll treasure forever :)

• Help your child find the perfect outfit. Dark clothing photographs better than light, and avoid logos and busy prints. 

• Grooming is key - schedule a haircut, paint or trim fingernails, and comb your child's hair.

Friday, 9/30/22 is a Color Day (you pay $.25 or a small amount to wear tasteful and modest apparel rather than wearing a uniform. Popcorn is also provided and you may purchase large bags for $1. Please order your To Go Popcorn bags in advance so we have enough available. See the attached flyer for more details. Popcorn for Color day

Bingo will take place in between those two days on Thursday evening in the gym.  Doors open at 5:30 pm
BINGO Event sign up
BINGO Concessions - Food items

Next week Progress reports will be sent home.  Please encourage your student to study for any upcoming quizzes / tests.

We had a good Council Meeting last Thursday, with new officers installed, and many exciting initiatives for the future discussed.  As Mr. Doug Mitchell aptly summarized the gist of the meeting, it will be a year of rebuilding for St. Marys in many ways. There are many ways in which we see God providing for our school and community.

Catholic schools, as a ministry of the local parishes, sometimes support or oppose ballot measures that concern the common good. To that end, we are encouraged to share information about ballots with parents. St. Joseph's parish, along with other parishes in our diocese have released material on the ballot measure called Proposition 3 lately. 

This proposal is simply bad law. The proposal would constitutionalize abortions up to and after birth.  Abortion is contrary to God's commandment "thou shalt not kill", the 5th commandment.  The first and essential right of the human person is the right to life, and it would infringe on the rights of unborn people.  What's more, abortions could be performed without any license, inspection or accountability.  Minors of any age could have an abortion without their parents ever knowing. In addition, it would force taxpayers to financially support this injustice.   Please pray for the defeat of this proposal and most of all, pray for those who support and promote it.
proposal-3-one-pager.pdf (

May God bless you this week and always,
in Christ,
Tim Vail