Popcorn Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Note that 9/28/22 is Picture day and a FREE Color Day.

Friday, 9/30/22 is a Color Day (you pay $.25 or a small amount to wear tasteful and modest apparel rather than wearing a uniform. Popcorn is also provided and you may purchase large bags for $1. Please order your To Go Popcorn bags in advance so we have enough available. See the attached flyer for more details.

We have a need for volunteers to pop the popcorn or we can’t do it.  Popping starts at 7:45 am and goes until approx 9:30 am.   Please email me tjohnston-stm@eupschools.org. It takes 3 people minimum.

We have 3 volunteers currently, but maybe could use one more bc one cannot come until 9. Here’s the link for popcorn sign up: