The 8th graders have returned to school after their 8th grade field trip to Mackinac Island.   

Many thanks to Mary O'Connor, the field trip organizer and parent chaperone for leading the trip and putting everything together successfully.  Thank you also to all the chaperones and donors who made the trip possible.  Thanks also to Rebecca Arbic who consulted on trip planning from her experience as the previous organizer.  

Mary O'Connor says:

"Thank you to our wonderful St. Mary’s Catholic School community for your support of the 8th grade class trip to Mackinac Island.  The students were able to share a special time together to celebrate their accomplishments and graduation from St. Mary’s Catholic School. "

Please keep all the 8th graders in your prayers as they complete their studies at St. Mary's and move on to high school.  

Here are some photos from the trip, courtesy of Mary O'Connor.