new logo

As you might have noticed, St. Mary's has a new logo which will represent our patroness and namesake, and her child, our Lord Jesus Christ.

There have been several strategic meetings about marketing and the school image, and at one point we decided it would be good to explore options for a logo and branding that better fits our mission. 

Fr. Michael Chenier explains how the logo came to be:

"We wanted a logo that showed the close bond between Jesus and the Blessed Mother, and how Mary wants the same for us: that we also be drawn close to Jesus.Mary is a great example to our parents and teachers, and the child Jesus the best example to the children of our school. "

"We wanted to depict Christ as a child to show that children can be holy! Scripture tells us that Jesus grew "in wisdom and stature". Of course we hope the same for the children of our school as well, that they grow in wisdom, stature, and holiness."

"I asked a young Catholic couple in Marquette who are professional artists to work on this logo, Colin and Megan Cesternino. They also created the seal that we use for the Newman Center (with the dove and the net of fish). For both logos, we wanted the style of art to look distinctly Catholic as opposed to modern, so we used Roman Missal art as inspiration. They made the image a "vector file", meaning we can blow it up to the size of a billboard and it will still have the same amount of detail without any blurring or pixelation."

"While most logos are abstract (or even just a symbol), we wanted the faces of Jesus and Mary to be naturalistic enough so as to be legible, and for that reason we leaned into the detail a little more!"

Many thanks to Fr. Mike for guiding the process and most especially the artists for contributing  an inspired work of art that represents the two most important figures in our school.