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Hello St. Mary's Catholic school parents,

  • I hope you enjoyed the Winter Break, extended weekend and President's Day.  Teachers have been doing professional development training today to improve the quality of education and religious formation St. Mary's provides.  A big thank you to them for all their efforts on behalf of their students and the school.
  • Thank you also to all families who re-enrolled for the 2023-24 school year!  We have hit a record enrollment for this time of year, with over 90% registration.  90% enrollment is the required metric which allows us to provide contracts to teachers for the following year.
  • Tomorrow we will resume school and progress reports will be sent home on Wednesday 2/22. 
  • This Wednesday 2/22 is Ash Wednesday, and Mass will move from Thursday to Wednesday morning 8:15am at Holy Name of Mary (St. Mary's).  Thus, there will be no school Mass this Thursday.
  • There will be a school council meeting this Thursday, 2/23 at 5:30pm in the library.  It will focus primarily on marketing and development activities this month, which in turn supports the growth of the school.
  • This Friday, Feb. 24th is already the last Friday of the month and a color day and popcorn sale.  It is also the Family Snow play event, hosted by HASA.  Thank you to HASA for planning and executing on so many extra-curricular activities.  They are in need of volunteers, so don't hesitate to contact Jackie Newhouse, HASA President if you could lend a hand somehow.  E-mail her at
  • We are approaching March and that means National Reading month for the school. As a school we will be reading "The Chocolate Touch" by Patrick Skene Catling in class. On March 1-3 there will be the Usborne Book Fair.  March 3rd will be the Book Fair Literacy Night, led by Margaret Swedene. Thank you to Mrs. Swedene for leading the activities for reading month and being a great librarian for the school!
  • We are hoping to have an open house for prospective and current parents sometime soon to see the school and learn more about what we are all about and what we do at St. Mary's day in and day out.  We are looking at the feasibility of Mar. 10, combined with the Talent show & Potluck.
  • As my wife is due to deliver our 5th child tomorrow, 2/21, I anticipate being out of the office for a short time to help my wife as well as bond with my new son.  I will be available via e-mail and will be receiving messages via the office.

May God bless you this week with His love, truth and goodness,

in Christ,
Tim Vail